Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all client relationships unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Company information

STORM Advokatfirma, company reg. no. 39 49 59 37, is established on the following addresses:

Tankedraget 7, 5. sal
9000 Aalborg

Messevej 2
9600 Aars

Østergade 15, 2. sal
9690 Fjerritslev

You can contact us by phone + 45 72 30 12 05 and by e-mail at mail@stormadvokatfirma.dk.

STORM Advokatfirma is organized as a partner company, P/S.

Attorneys at STORM Advokatfirma are appointed by the Ministry of Justice and are members of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

Insurance coverage and liability

All attorneys at STORM Advokatfirma are covered by our liability insurance and guarantee in accordance with the rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

Liability insurance and guarantee are provided by Tryg Forsikring.

The liability insurance covers all legal aid performed by STORM Advokatfirma regardless of the location of performance.

STORM Advokatfirma is liable in accordance with Danish law. However, our liability is limited to kr. 5.000.000,00 per case. STORM Advokatfirma may increase insurance coverage on a case by case basis and upon request from the client.

No partners and employees of STORM Advokatfirma are liable for indirect losses or consequential damages such as lost revenue, goodwill etc.


We charge legal fees on a case by case basis giving due consideration to the following factors: The value or significance of the case as attributed by client, the extent and difficulty of the work, the outcome of the case, time spent on the case, including whether work after office hours or with extraordinary haste was performed, as well as the liability or responsibility associated with the case.

STORM Advokatfirma reserves the rights to require a deposit at the opening of the case.

Invoicing occurs successively each first week of a month and depends on the nature of the case. STORM reserves the right to invoice at different intervals as STORM deems necessary or appropriate considering the individual case.

STORM Advokatfirma invoices the client separately for all expenses and disbursement.

STORM Advokatfirma’s terms of payment are 8 days from date of invoicing.


All employees at STORM Advokatfirma are subject to rules of confidentiality. Confidentiality covers all information received. Confidentiality subsists indefinitely.

Conflict of interests

STORM Advokatfirma is subject to the Danish Bar and Law Society’s ethical rules regarding conflicts of interest and carries out all necessary investigations of the risks of conflicts of interests prior to opening a case.

Client funds

All client funds are administrated in accordance with legal and professional regulations and are placed in a client account.

Client funds are deposited with Nykredit Bank.

In case of rehabilitation or bankruptcy of the financial institute deposited funds are by default covered up to 100.000 EUR per depositor.

Deposits with a social purpose pursuant to law shall be covered up to 150.000 EUR per depositor.

Deposits for transactions related to real property for non-commercial use shall be covered up to 10.000.000 EUR per depositor.

Money laundering

STORM Advokatfirma is – as any other law firm – subject to the Danish Act for the prevention of money laundering, which requires STORM Advokatfirma to collect ID-information on our clients and store it for 5 years.


STORM Advokatfirma uses encrypted e-mails at this time. If the receiver cannot accept encrypted e-mails any sensitive or confidential personal data can be sendt by post. STORM Advokatfirma cannot guarantee that e-mails sent to STORM Advokatfirma are secure.

Storage of case files

STORM Advokatfirma stores case files for 10 years after the closing of the case.

Applicable law and venue

STORM Advokatfirma’s services are subject to Danish law. All disputes shall be settled solely by the District Court in Aalborg.

Supervision and complaints

Attorneys at STORM Advokatfirma are subject to supervision from the Danish Bar and Law Society and regulations regarding good legal practice pursuant to the Danish civic code § 126. Additionally, the code of conduct for attorneys applies.

Regulations applicable for the practice of the legal profession can be found on the Danish Bar and Law Society’s website www.advokatsamfundet.dk.

In the event of a disagreement regarding performed services or legal fees, a formal complaint may be submitted to the Danish Bar and Law Society’s Disciplinary Board, which as the competent authority will render a decision in the case.

The Disciplinary Board may be contacted at www.advokatsamfundet.dk or at the address Kronprinsessegade 28, 1306 København K

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